Many men wish to increase their sperm count and quality. There are 2 main reasons for this, the first reason is for recreational pleasure. If your sperm just dribbles out when you orgasm it can leave men feeling embarrassed and women feeling like they have done something wrong. Many men wish to orgasm like male porn stars (like Peter North) as they know that women watch porn movies and this is what they expect. The other main reason is to increase fertility. If a male produces more sperm then it is more likely that his sperm will make it to the female’s egg. There is no point in producing more sperm though if the quality is poor. If the sperm is thick and a deep white colour then you have healthy sperm, if on the other hand it is runny and only a little white then your sperm is of low quality.

In this site I am going to discuss the methods that are available to increase your sperm quality, production, volume and fertility. It is very possible to achieve more quality sperm every time you ejaculate but first lets see what other benefits can be gained from producing more sperm.

Increased Orgasm Intensity
Having a larger amount of sperm pass through the penis during a male orgasm can prolong coitus (orgasm experience). The intensity of a male orgasm has been proven to be directly related to the amount of semen travelling through the penis. Therefore when you start to produce more semen your orgasms will be more intense. Because more semen is being ejaculated your orgasm will also last longer.

Improved Fertility
In order to fertilize an egg a large amount of sperm is required, many hundreds of millions. While the average man can produce this many sperm multiples times per day, there are some external factors that can adversely affect the sperm count. Things such as smoking, drug use, poor diet, lack of exercise, and even wearing tight clothing in the groin area can all decrease the sperm count. Increasing the volume of your sperm increases your fertility by increasing the number of sperm that are produced during each ejaculation. If you are trying to have children, the number of sperm you ejaculate is quite important, as is their condition. You need high quality sperm and more of it.

Female Sex Enjoyment
When you ejaculate, your penis pumps semen, which many men and women find pleasurable. When you increase the amount you ejaculate the pleasurable pumping feeling lasts longer, and also increases your partners pleasure. More sperm during oral sex can be pleasurable and satisfactory for both you and your partner.

So how do I increase my sperm count & quality?

Until recently the best advice that I could give was to dramatically change your diet. Diet and too much masturbation are the 2 main causes of poor sperm quality and lack of volume. By eating nuts and cutting down on masturbation and sex you can increase your sperm production over several months. This used to be my advice until recently when I came across a 100% natural product which claimed you could increase your sperm volume without cutting back on your sexual activities or changing your diet.

I investigated this product and actually tested it. It claimed that you would be producing more sperm within just a few days so it was easy to test. Other semen increaser products, such as Semenax™, also produce tremendous amounts of semen. The results are remarkable, the product works, their blend of 100% natural ingredients works to increase the sperm volume, count and quality. The first thing that I personally noticed was that my sperm was a lot thicker and a deeper white in colour and I could feel that my ejaculations where more intense thanks to this. After the initial benefits of the product I continued its use and sure enough I was producing at least 3-4 times more sperm than before and it was thick white sperm which obviously showed it was of high quality. The orgasms felt more intense then they did when I was a teenager. This product was being used by male porn stars so that they could orgasm more often and produce more when they ejaculate.

The product that I recommend and use is called Volume Pills. Their product is 100% natural, this is one of the main reasons that I tried it. I have tried to shop around for a similar product to recommend but their site is the only site which sells this pill which is used by male porn stars across the world. They even have testimonials on their site from porn stars. The natural pill can be used to increase fertility as well as for recreational purposes. The website located at is geared towards promoting the recreational benefits of producing more sperm/semen, such as showering your lover from head to toe in semen. The site also clearly points out that their product can increase male fertility and the sperm quality.

Below are some of the benefits associated with taking VolumePills:

  • Increase in sperm volume - The ingredients stimulate sperm and testosterone production in the testes so that when it’s time to ejaculate I found a huge increase in sperm.

  • Increased male fertility & sperm quality - The unique blend from VolumePills will provide the nutrients needed to produce high quality thick sperm with good motility and life.

  • Experience rock hard erections - The natural ingredients will provide you with harder erections which can mean more pleasurable sex for you and your partner.

  • Longer more intensified orgasms - When you produce more sperm your orgasms are more intense and last longer resulting in more satisfying sex.

  • Increased sexual desire & appetite - The natural ingredients act as an Aphrodisiac and increase your sexual desire meaning 1 session will not always be enough.

  • Recreational benefits - You will be able to cover your lover in sperm or shoot it all over their face! Many men and women fantasize about situations like this.

Is there an alternative to the product VolumePills?

The above benefits are a summary of what product can do for you. This product comes highly recommended by myself and they even offer a full money back guarantee on their product. Obviously I do not expect you take my words at face value, I am just telling you about a product that I have tested and know will work for you. You should take a good look at their site and do some research. However I gather that you would have done this before finding my article on the subject. The pill produced by Volume Pills is not overly expensive but is not cheap. You pay for results and I still order and use this product myself because it is by far the best solution currently on the market. You can visit the website here.

Yes there are alternatives to this product and I had been recommending the following alternatives until I found the product.

Alternative 1: One of the best ways of increasing your sperm volume by 100% would be to change your diet and your life style. By doing the following you can probably double the amount of sperm you produce and that is based on my experiences:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Reduce intake of alcohol
  • Exercise Regularly and lose Weight if needed
  • Vitamin supplements for your diet

Notice that I said these things are free solutions but the results that you want are a lot harder to achieve and vitamins and exercising usually incur a cost. By stopping smoking and drinking this will generally help your body as well as helping to increase sperm count.

Alternative 2: You can attempt to make your own Volume Pills, type formula with natural ingredients. This is one of the best ideas I thought so I set about doing this. The problem is Volume Pills do not reveal to you how their ingredients are blended or the exact ingredients. However making up your own formula can have some small success. There are herbs out there that can help increase your sperm count but by the time you have purchased all the herbs you know are in the Volume Pills formula you have spent a small fortune and you would be taking 10-15 different tablets a day. I should know I tried it and it caused severe upset stomach for me, however it is an alternative if albeit an expensive and less productive one so I feel it is my duty to list it.

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